Launching AeroSQL – a MySql web based manager built with ExtJS library

AeroSQL Screenshot

I’ve developed a MySql manager back in 2000 for MySql 3.23 using Borland Delphi. The software was used internally in a company. I’ve decided to switch completely to web based application development. I found ExtJS and I was amazed! … Then I thought what application to develop in order to get some ExtJS experience, so I recalled my intention to create a GUI for MySql. Here is how AeroSQL was born.

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HTML as graphs: HTML2GDL now supports GraphViz

GraphViz - neato layout

A month ago I’ve written HTML2GDL script that creates the graph of a html file/url for aiSee graph layout software. Recently I found another graph package GraphViz, and I decided to add support for DOT language into HTML2GDL. GraphViz and aiSee have different layout algorithms. I wanted to compare the graphs produced by similar layouts offered by both packages and try the new ones available to GraphViz only (the radial and circular layouts).

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jQuery File Tree Connector for Perl

jQuery File Tree Being a Delphi programmer for many years (desktop applications for Win32), now I’m shifting to the web medium: AJAX, CSS. After some research, I’ve chosen the jQuery framework as the base for my future web applications. I was amazed by the number of plugins available for jQuery! I needed a plugin that was able to display the remote filesystem as an expandable/collapsible tree. I found jQuery File Tree to be exactly what I’ve needed.

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Apache Live Log (ALiveLog) – Monitoring apache log files

ALiveLog: Find out how a visitor browsed your site Existing utilities for monitoring apache logs didn’t suit me, so I’ve decided to create a tool for monitoring apache log files remotely via a browser. The aim was to create a very small application that just do the job: show the last visits to a website and nothing more. The tool is called ALiveLog (Apache Live Log): you can monitor multiple websites hosted on the same server through a single ALiveLog installation. Regarding security, the script performs only read operations (reading the last N entries from access.log files). The server side script is written in Perl, but can be easily ported to PHP as well.

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HTML as graphs: the HTML2GDL application

Yahoo HTML Tree Information visualization, besides being a science field, can be fun. The ever challenging problem of converting text and numbers into something viewable that is self explanatory makes information visualization an interesting toy to play with. Some time ago I saw an applet that displays the hierarchical structure of HTML files called HtmlGraph. I really liked the idea: you don’t have to ramble through the woods of html trees in order to figure out its structural pattern. I wondered how aiSee will display html graphs and created a simple application for this purpose. Continue reading

ZX Spectrum Laptop

ZX Spectrum I’m starting my blog with a post about the first computer that impressed me. It was a ZX Spectrum with 48k of RAM. I think a lot of people remember with a sigh those old days. I was thinking to start my own blog some time ago, but an unusual “thing” that I read about today was the trigger to write down the first post. Continue reading